Virtual Reality Massage Experiences

Welcome to a new way to relax


Esqapes is an entirely new way to ease your worries and relax. We pair fantastic, beautifully crafted, virtual environments with a soothing massage to transport your mind and body to another place.

Each Esqapes environment is designed to tantalize your senses and help you shed the stresses of daily life. They are living breathing worlds that you will have completely to yourself!

Maybe you like Koi ponds and the sound rustling of tree leaves as the smell of cherry blossoms kiss your nose?

We have that.


Perhaps you like the warmth of the sun on your face as the soft breeze from the Mediterranean Sea brushes your toes.

We can do that.


You’d probably love a leisurely day at the beach, but don’t want to deal with crowds and finding parking.

We got you.


Where would you like to go?
Your chair awaits!